Community Grants

2017 Community Grant Winners
The Community Grant Awards Committee met the challenge of selecting from among 20 very worthy applications, 11+1 winners for the 2017 Grant program. Over $107,000 were requested this year to fund programs that

  • provide direct dental care to low income, uninsured, or unemployed Illinois families;
  • provide oral health educational materials to children and their parents residing in low income areas;
  • need critical dental equipment in clinics located in impoverished areas of Illinois

A difficult job, as you can imagine, when all of the submitted programs are so deserving of support.

Two applicants were not eligible for 2017 funding due to the 3-years-in-a-row funding restriction. Thus, 11 of 18 were funded for a 61% coverage. The eleven were selected based on a variety of criteria including the quality of their application, other funding resources available to each particular applicant, their budget for the project, the potential number of people being served, the use of volunteers for the program and so on. The eleven that were chosen will reach more than 24,135 Illinois citizens and average outlay of $1.89 per person.

The Plus One project is …at the end of the meeting…having $4,288 remaining from the $50,000 budgeted 2017 amount. The committee re-reviewed the non-winning applicants for re-consideration. Upon finding we were well satisfied with our selections, the Plus One was to go to a non-applicant, the 2018 Illinois Mission of Mercy. Full disclosure…the Treasurer may have had some influence in this decision knowing the 2018 IMOM budget in advance!

So, the 2017 winners are:

Willow Creek Community Church – Awarded partial grant of $2,500
To provide ongoing operating support in the area of volunteer training and increased dental supplies needed.

Edgar County Dental Clinic – Awarded full grant of $4,800
To purchase promotional materials on new diagnostic services; a size one digital x-ray sensor and an intraoral camera.

Hult Center for Health Education – Awarded partial grant of $2,500
To purchase additional and replacement educational supplies to continue the existing two-day program to the Peoria County low-income at-risk kindergarten students.

Family Health Partnership – Awarded full grant of $2,500
To provide funds to purchase needed disposable supplies including carbocaine, microbrushes, instrument mats, etc.

Bethany for Children & Families – Awarded full grant of $5,000
To provide ongoing operational support for the dental education and basic care provided in their dental bus program in the Quad cities area.

Illinois Dentists Salute – Awarded full grant of $3,000
To develop a network that provides a portion of the dental care for our veterans at no cost to them by connecting them with dental offices who offer to volunteer their services with veterans in need.

Will-Grundy Medical Clinic – Awarded full grant of $5,000
To purchase a new dental Statim used to sterilize dental equipment which is needed to provide dental care to the residents of their
county who are unable to receive care from other sources.

The ARK – the ARK’s Dental Clinic – Awarded partial grant of $3,000
To provide ongoing operating support for the dental program serving the low-income parents and educate them on the importance of preventative measures for their birth to 3 year old children.

Hancock County Health & Wellness – Awarded partial grant of $2,500
To purchase dental supplies for preK-8 school children in Hancock County participating in the Sealant Days project.

Community Health & Emergency SVCS – Awarded full grant of $9,912
To purchase 3 Schick CDR Elite Digital Dental Size-2 X-ray Sensors & dock in order to serve the dental needs of low-income children in nine southern Illinois counties.

2018 Illinois Mission of Mercy – Awarded $4,288
To provide additional funding to carry on the biennial mission of the Illinois Dental Community in expanding access to oral health care to those in the most need.