The Mission of Mercy Needs YOU!!

 The 2018 Illinois Mission of Mercy is only 4 months away!

Volunteer Registration opens on April 1st

Like” us on Facebook at “2018 Illinois Mission of Mercy” to get up-to-date registration details.

Hotel Reservations?

Have you made your hotel reservations for the 2018 Illinois Mission of Mercy?  The Wyndham City Centre in Springfield is offering a special rate of $112/night + taxes, including parking for the event.  Make your reservations now while rooms are available:

Do You Have Other Plans?

If you are not able to volunteer at the Mission of Mercy in July, you can still help!

We anticipate a shortage of local anesthetic due to changes requiring a DEA number for anesthetic purchases. This keeps the dental supply companies from donating as in previous years.

Our specific need is for Lidocaine, Bupivacaine/Marcaine, Articaine/Septocaine and Carbocaine/Mepivicaine, but we will accept other local anesthetics too.  (Please don’t dontate anesthetics with past expiration dates.)

The ISDS Foundation is collecting boxes of anesthetic at the upcoming Capital Conference (Wednesday, April 18) at the Wyndham City Centre in Springfield.  If you plan to attend, bring a box or two with you, and drop them off at the ISDS Foundation Table in the Exhibit Area.

If you want to donate, but won’t be at the Capital Conference, please contact Sarah Jensen.  She can make arrangements with you for a pick-up of the anesthetic.

Thank you for your help and support of the 2018 Mission of Mercy!


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