#GivingTuesday is the perfect time to support the Illinois State Dental Society Foundation’s 2018 Illinois Mission of Mercy. The Mission of Mercy is a two-day event that provides free dental care to 2000+ patients. $1 million in care is provided over the 2-day period by 1,000 dental and lay volunteers. No one is paid for their time or services, and patients are not charged for services rendered. The 2018 Mission of Mercy is scheduled for July 20-21 at the Bank of Springfield Center in Springfield, IL.

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Community Grant Winners

Congratulations to all of our Community Grant Winners!


  • Family Health Partnership
    Family Health Partnership
    Veronica Arrellano, Dental Asst and Annabel Robles, Dental Asst
  • Willow Creek Church
    Willow Creek Church
    Mr. David Cimo, Mrs. Nancy Colombo’s, Dr. Mike Hayward
  • Well Child Center
    Well Child Center
    Guadalupe Gonzalez, Nancy Lara, Susana Nava, Trisha Roth, Monica Garcia
  • The ARK
    The ARK
    Dr. Marc Swartz and Mimi Seleski, RN, MPH
  • Will-Grundy Medical Center
    Will-Grundy Medical Center
    Tiffany Engelman, RN, Clinical Director and Jacqueline Latham, AAS,AGS
  • Bethany for Children & Family
    Bethany for Children & Family
    Pat McKillip, Program Coordinator, Evena Wash, Program Supervisor (Give Kids a Smile), Mary Ann McLeod, Program Director
  • Bethany for Children & Family
    Bethany for Children & Family
    Leslie Amman, RDH, Brittany Webb, RDH, Stefanie Tubbs, RDH
  • Edgar County Dental Clinic
    Edgar County Dental Clinic
    Carri Hoffman,DA Erica Whitington, DA, Renee DuChane,DDS, Tabitha Boyd,RDH, Santana Noel, Monica Dunn, RDH Janet Mason, Adminstrator, Renee Duchan,DDS, Monica Dunn, RDH
  • Hult Center for Healthy Living
    Hult Center for Healthy Living
    Holly Bil, BS Assistant Manager, Kari Paul,B, Health Education Specialist, Sandy Graves, Associate Director ISDS Foundation
  • Community Health & Emergency Services
    Community Health & Emergency Services
    Jackie Lewis, RDH, Michelle Sourbis, RDH, Emily Rubenacker, DMD, April Childers Dental Supervisor, Kevin Kays, DMD & Dental Director, Fred Bernstein, CEO
  • Hancock County Health & Wellness
    Hancock County Health & Wellness
    Avenlee Shaw, RDH, Brendan Moon, DDS, Jana West, Dental Director, Erin Harris, RDH



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